Silent Auction Baskets

Baskets donated by Kinder Ranch Elementary Class rooms.

In addition to the fantastic baskets listed below, we will also have the following auction items!

  • TWO parking spaces in the school parking lot right up front next to the crosswalk. These spots will be given to the highest bidder and will be solely theirs to use until next year's Race at the Ranch! A sign will let everyone know who these special spots belong to!

  • TWO lucky people will be able to be "Principal for a Day"! Dr. Murray will have two days available for the auction winners to spend the day with her acting as the Principal (with her guidance). What a fun day!

Family Movie Night

Donated by  Mrs. Ames Class

Family Fun Night

Donated by Mrs. Bartek's Class

Gift Cards Galore

Donated by Mrs. Barge's  Class

Great Outdoors

Donated by Mrs. High & Mrs. Castillo's Class

Spurs Fan

Donated by Mrs. DeLosSantos' Class

Pool/Beach Theme

Donated by Mrs. Easterling's  Classes

Sur la Table Cooking Class

Donated by Mrs. Gaither's Class


Donated by Mrs. Mokry Class

Wine Basket

Donated by Mrs. Gloria's Class

Coffee Lover

Donated by Mrs. Lopez's Class

Italian Night

Donated by Mrs. Munoz's Class

It's 5 o'clock Somewhere

Donated by Mrs. Reeves' Class

Fiesta Basket

Donated by Mrs. Simone's Class

Family Outdoor Fun

Donated by Mrs. Villarreal's Class


Mexican Food

Donated by Mr. Barrera's Class

Pamper Me

Donated by Mrs. Bernhard's Class

Crafty Chicks at Kinder Ranch

Donated by Mrs. Christensen's Class

Date Night

Donated by Mrs. DeLaFuente's Class

Backyard BBQ

Mrs. Domenech's Class

Health & Fitness

Donated by Mrs. Heinze's Class

Green Thumb Gardening

Donated by Mrs. Janes' Class

Date Night

Donated by Mrs. Kreiger's Class

Family Game Night

Donated by Mrs. Lloyd Class

Outdoor Extravaganza

Donated by Mrs. Joer's Class

Baker's Bundle

Donated by Mrs. Munster's Class

Take Me to the Spa

Donated by Mrs. Reed's Class

Family Fun

Donated by Mrs. Rodriguez's Class

Family Entertainment Night

Donated by Mrs. Stanzione's Class