Race At The Ranch


We are asking sponsors from our community to provide donations to the Kinder Ranch PTA in support of this event. In return for their generous support, we provide local businesses with recognition through printed and electronic communications to Kinder Ranch families and race participants, custom race t-shirts with the company name, as well as the opportunity to provide marketing materials to our participants in the race bags. The support of our sponsors helps us to cover the cost of putting on the race so that we can keep registration fees low. Keeping our registration fees low enables more Kinder Ranch families and community members to participate in the event, benefiting both our participants and our sponsors. Any sponsorship funds collected in excess of the cost of funding the race are donated back to Kinder Ranch Elementary and allow us to pursue other goals we have set at Kinder Ranch for this school year.

With our school facing significant budget cuts this year, our focus is going to be providing educational materials and technology for the classrooms which are not covered by the school budget. We want to provide the resources necessary so that our teachers and students can have the best educational opportunities possible.

If you or someone you know is interested in being one of our generous sponsors, please click on the sponsorship form below.

Thank you for your support!